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Agencies use Vieworks to achieve quality video engagement for their clients and capture more leads

Vieworks helps turn video content into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions

Turn video ads into your best performing ad format with VideoPerks 

See how agencies use Vieworks to attract, convert and retain customers

Customer Behavior is Evolving

68% of customers want to learn about new products and services through a short online video

70% of consumers prefer watching marketing content that offers a reward. 

No wonder value exchange strategies are amongst the fastest growing marketing trends

"Finally a format that works for users and brands"

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Consumer Attention Spans are at an all time low

90% of marketers agree it is hard to get their content to perform and difficult to capture valuable leads:

  • The overwhelming level of competing content 

  • Standard video formats drive extremely low clicks or leads

  • Cutting through to consumers and driving meaningful engagements remotely is difficult

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Vieworks achieves 300% increase in video engagement

Tap into the growing trend of value exchange marketing, enabling companies to set up ‘perks’ to reward relevant target audiences for engaging with marketing video content, and sharing data directly back to the business:

  • Custom branded Interactive video widgets that reward users with perks for their attention.

  • Perks optimize marketing performance, generate quality leads and builds positive brand affinity 

  • Simple to distribute across multiple touchpoints reaching your customers where they want to engage 

3X compared to industry standards with full platform analytics and data capture within the player

“ My clients are always looking for innovative ways for video content. Vieworks is a great platform for generating an uplift in views and capturing user data into our brands CRM ”
Vieworks Alex Oakden


Average video engagement uplift

Alex Oakden, Associate Director, Dentsu Aegis Network  

Value exchange tactics increase sales

Proven case studies demonstrating the benefits rewarded video can have on brand perception and sales

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"Value exchange lies within the core customer experience. Marketers should look for experiences that are rewarding for users. This will have a direct impact on the media performance of brands"


Joel Kirk  -  Senior Marketer  -  Activision

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Value exchange tactics increase sales

Serve scaled advertising campaigns on the following channels :

    • IAB Display Formats click to Videofunnel™

    • Rich Media Video Formats

    • Sponsored Posts

    • Native formats

    • Outstream / instream

    • YouTube Display


Improve media metrics using Video Perks with measured CTR and conversion uplift

VideoFunnels™ Enables Videos to Convert More Leads

AWARENESS - VideoPerks offer value to users increasing video engagement supercharging your video marketing.


CONSIDERATION - Powerful video messaging sells your products/services to a target audience.


CONVERSION - Coupons to drive checkouts, use chatbot connections, including remarketing email campaigns to convert to customers.


MEASURE - Track in-store footfall, attribution, and sales to measure video marketing efficiency. 

LOYALTY - Value exchange increases rapport between customer and brand perception and loyalty.

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In-platform data analytics

Managed service or self-service solutions

Video Analytics:

- Impressions

- Video Starts

- Video Completes

- Perks claimed 


- Third-party tracking

User data reports:

- User first, last name

- Email

- Country, IP 

- 3 optional fields

- Scheduled reports

Are you ready to grow your business? 

Are you Ready to grow your clients business? 

Turn your video into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions.

Try risk free

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