Customer Success Stories

Matthew DeSouza, CEO of Alpha Node used value exchange video perks and saw a 3X increase of qualified leads generated. Vieworks was able to increase his sales conversion rate from 5% to 25% by using video perks and drip email marketing combined. 

If you're considering video marketing, then adding Vieworks Is A MUST!

"We increased sales conversion rates from 5% to 25% using Video Perks"

Matthew Desouza,

CEO, Alpha Node

The Process 

"We produced a 2-minute video that sold our products and services and published it with Vimeo. We set up the perk as a free months subscription for users watching and sharing. 

We connected our Vieworks account to our MailChimp email provider using Zapier webhooks. 


We drove traffic to our site and social amplifying the perk messaging. Users would watch the video and Vieworks then sent the lead an automated email delivering the perk, and a link to his site to access the free trial. The viewer opt-in information was then automatically passed into our CRM with relevant information. 


The really great bit here is that we tied all of our video campaigns to our automated sales funnel. An automated email campaign re-engaged the user while checking they had not already created their account with Alpha node. Nurturing the lead through to conversion."

The Results 

"Using video perks and Vieworks, we increased sales conversion rates from 5% to 25%. We saw 30% lower Cost per lead's on average, 83% video completion rates, If You're Considering video marketing, then adding Vieworks Is A MUST!"

We saw a huge increase in conversion. It was over 400%

Zicket came to us after struggling to get their promotional videos seen and this linked to lower than expected ticket sales. 

After powering up with video perks on their video content, the increased video views by over 6X, with a 400% increase in converted ticket sales by using video perks. 

"Using video perks increased our completed video views 6X"

Micheal Denmark


The Process 

Before they started using video perks on their website, people were turning up to the site, but users were not getting engaged enough to start the video, or would drop off early. So the key sales messages were not able to hit home and convert into ticket sales. 


These viewers were simply not turning into customers.  Zicket decided to implement video perks, and offer great family discounts, repeat ticket discounts and food sales incentives. These compelling brand-related perks meant that Zicket was able to get a 3-minute video opportunity to sell the Carnival experience through powerful, emotional video footage. 


Users were then more than happy to claim their perk, send their information and most importantly click through to purchase tickets. 

the video and claims a chance to win free tickets. The user asked to fill in form and connect with Google or Facebook

User promoted to watch all 

The Results

"We saw a huge increase in inn conversion using Vieworks. It was over 400% improvement. Using video perks increased our also completed video view count by 6X."