Data and Security

Personal Data we collect?

Vieworks collects personally identifiable information (name, email, mobile, inputted fields information) which the user agrees to share with the Brand for remarketing purposes. No passwords, bank information, or other financial data is collected and stored.

Who owns the data?

The data is owned by the brand. Vieworks database collects and transfers the data. But Vieworks will never sell or use this data other than providing maintenance

How the data is stored?

An encrypted database is hosted and maintained on our secure servers, only accessible to the customer.

How is the data transferred?

Data can be ported to the brand's CRM system, or accessible through the secure Vieworks platform, where customers can export a password protected CSV.

Opt-in complaint process

To claim the reward, the user opts into sharing their data with the brand to receive information about the reward and products. Using social connect, Vieworks will only collect and pass data, not post or message the user on the social channel.


More information can be found in our privacy policy