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Platform updates - 23rd November

23rd November 2020

Check out the great progress we are making


User Guide Updates

21st September 2020

We have added a great new feature to help our customers get their campaigns set up


Applying Rewards to increase the impact of your video marketing

21st October 2020

Tune in to our latest webinar on Facebook live


Vieworks Roadmap Update

29th September 2020

Platform plans for Q4


Announcement! Referrals are now LIVE

18 AUGUST 2020

Vieworks has added a new feature to the platform! Referrals which can massively increase the scale and reach of your campaigns.


Creating the perfect Video Sales Letter

27 August 2020

Why a Video Sales Letter (VSL)? Video is a powerful medium for engaging your customers, as viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video opposed to 10% in text.

Your VSL is just an extension of that, you will be able to sell products without talking to each individual prospect, they can watch your content on their own time. VSLs are efficient for sales teams, prospecting with scale.
Increase the time prospects spend on your website, expose them to your materials and warm them up to become better qualified and educated leads.


Tips every remote sales team needs for prospecting

4 AUGUST 2020

Prospecting may come with different tactics and tools to improve your sales team’s technique. But in this new remote working world, we need to acknowledge that we might have to adapt moving forward. How can sales reps approach the dialogue in a redefined way for their sales conversion?


Building a Successful Video Marketing Funnel

29 JULY 2020

Many successful businesses spend time building comprehensive marketing funnels. The goal is to entice your prospects and keep them moving down your funnel. Through offering different types of content that appeals to them at each stage. Prospects go through the funnel from initial awareness all the way through to the purchase.


The Attention Gap

23 JULY 2020

Discover how to innovate your marketing strategies by capturing your intended audiences waning attention span. Begin the dialogue by rewarding your customers and adding a human touch to your remote selling.


How do Video Perks translate across Verticals such as Sales Agents, Internal Communications, Agencies and Financial Services?

14 JULY 2020

Vieworks enables Companies to overlay Video Perks on their existing video content for a variety of reasons, whether to build awareness, education, lead generation or conversions. With a simple to use interface, the platform offers a variety of use cases explored in this article.


Vieworks presents: The Perk Marketplace is Live

13 JULY 2020

Vieworks has launched its own Perk Marketplace, giving users a destination for perk idea options to reward their Customers.


Using Video Perks for Internal Communications

8 July 2020

Now that remote working is our new reality, how can Corporations adapt and maximise the effectiveness of their Internal Communications?


Announcement: the Vieworks Zapier App is now live

30 JUNE 2020

At Vieworks, we are always looking for ways to make platform use easier and more integrated for our users. That is why we are thrilled to announce our new Zapier integration Partnership!


Effective Selling in a Remote World

25 JUNE 2020

Sales reps and agents rely on building strong trust and rapport with their buyers. But in a remote working world and where face-to-face meetings are not possible, this creates limitations. And buyers are getting 'webinar fatigue' from all their reps. Using VideoPerks could be the solution to generate attention, education, and engagement.


Is there a difference between incentivised, rewarded and value exchange advertising?

23 JUNE 2020

Value exchange advertising is unlike rewarded and incentivised, in fact it is in a league of its own. Value exchange perks are derived from a brand's existing products, services and promotions in place. Therefore it specifically targets the viewer who has an interest in the brands products or services to claim the perk, this leads to the curation of a quality viewer from the onset.


How to: Successfully navigate the first-party data economy

23 JUNE 2020

“The first-party data economy isn’t coming, it’s here”. It is difficult to have a conversation on data sharing without thinking of the current trends and newly imposed restrictions of data sharing on ads. Google has announced that they will be joining other industry players like Apple in restricting third-party cookies on Safari and Mozilla on Firefox browser.


The role of Government communications during times of crisis

23 JUNE 2020

“While social media and messaging apps have made it easier than ever to get updated on the latest news about the virus, they can also be the main channels perpetuating the spread of fake news.” The World Health Organisation has warned against misinformation and the harm it can cause; yet people continue to spread fake news on the off chance that it might be true.


Covid 19's acceleration of FMCG's digital implementation and key shifts

22 JUNE 2020

“Accenture: COVID-19 is a worldwide health and economic disaster which will permanently alter consumer behaviours, resulting in lasting structural changes to the consumer goods industry” so how how can marketing leaders efficiently evolve themselves to optimise media engagement and experiences across their e-commerce and social channels which consumers have migrated to?


Modern Lead Gen - Making Video the Hero of your strategy

25 JUNE 2020

Before you throw all of your budget and resources (and the kitchen sink) into a robust marketing plan, build intrigue, and generate brand awareness in order to capture leads. Here's what to do (and avoid) when creating a Campaign with Vieworks:

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