Building a Successful Video Marketing Funnel

Many successful businesses spend time building comprehensive marketing funnels. The goal is to entice your prospects and keep them moving down your funnel. Through offering different types of content that appeals to them at each stage. Prospects go through the funnel from initial awareness all the way through to the purchase.

What is the importance of a marketing funnel?

When you clearly understand what you want your prospects to do next, it’s much easier to get them to do it! A funnel can be long and complex, so it’s important to keep your end goal in mind. From the top of the sales funnel all the way to the end of it, 76% of marketers say that it has substantially helped them increase their traffic.

Essentially, you can use video to guide leads through their entire buyer’s journey.

Vieworks Video Marketing Funnel (2020)

Source: Vieworks 2020

Before we delve into how we can use video for marketing and explore what that funnel actually looks like.

  • Awareness: Create awareness through value exchange video and increase the chance they watch your video

  • Interest: Powerful video messaging sells your products and services. Capturing their data enable re-messaging

  • Consideration: Rewards and gifting increase buyer sentiment and brand perception which significantly helps the consideration process.

  • Intent: Chat bots stimulate direct conversations and email campaigns can be used to close the buyer more effectively

  • Buy: Prospects become clients after a sales process. Continued education videos and incorporation of rewards will improve retention rates.

What are the strengths behind using video as a marketer?  As a marketer, you can easily incorporate video into all of your promotional efforts, and those videos can have a huge impact on attracting new audiences, educating leads, and converting customers.

But aside from reaching new audiences with scale and educating these leads to convert into qualified customers, how can we truly attain a successful video marketing funnel? By leveraging a value exchange and reward users for their engagement.

As a successful video marketing funnel is explored in figure 1, it is important to note that viewers love getting rewarded and gifted, especially during the consideration stage. So why not simply incorporate this by adding a widget over your video to show audiences a compelling offer related to your product or service.

Figure 2. Vieworks Tech (2020)

Source: Vieworks

Simply use your promotional video, and overlay it with a Vieworks widget as seen in figure 2, to make that connection with your viewer and hold their hand through the video marketing funnel. Once you have already gained awareness and interest from your audience, seamlessly bring them to the bottom of the funnel and get that purchase! 

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