Creating the perfect Video Sales Letter

Why a Video Sales Letter (VSL)? Video is a powerful medium for engaging your customers, as viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video opposed to 10% in text.

Your VSL is just an extension of that, you will be able to sell products without talking to each individual prospect, they can watch your content on their own time. VSLs are efficient for sales teams, prospecting with scale.
Increase the time prospects spend on your website, expose them to your materials and warm them up to become better qualified and educated leads.

This article will explore the structure and set the guidelines on how you can effectively craft your own VSL. Firstly, let's start on some key concepts to set the tone for your Video Sales Letter!


Set the groundwork and structure for your video sales letter so that you will be able to construct subsequent materials efficiently and maintain the same impactful messaging. Pinpoint the Powerful idea behind your VSL


It is powerful salesmanship to have your customers booking appointments and coming back for more.

Proven to work

Problem is websites all look the same these days, filled with buzz words and stock images. Your potential customers are not sticking about and dropping off.

How can we counter this? Engage them in different ways, focus on visuals like video.


Make your messaging as compelling as possible but still be able to translate and push it across email marketing, your website, specific landing pages and social media channels.


Set the groundwork and structure for your video sales letter so that you will be able to construct subsequent materials efficiently and maintain the same impactful messaging. Pinpoint the Powerful idea behind your VSL.

Gives you a distinct edge

How can you stand out in the crowd? Have an attention grabbing statement and make it echo with video. Capture visually how you stand out against competitors and charm audiences with your unique proposition. Video is able to capture what a thousand words may not.

Once you get it right, it will be a fixture in your communications

When you have figured out, this will drive a connection between you and your audience as well as set a platform for your voice to be heard.

Deploy your VSL amongst employees

Have your sales force watch your video sales scripts and learn the “voice” of your company and be aligned with your messaging. Have video sales letters set the ‘Best Practice’ and standard of how your employees may approach their own clients and accounts.

Tailor your sales letter to your target audience

  • Who is your key customer base? What are they trying to achieve?

  • Identify the challenges that your target audiences might be facing today in a REMOTE working world. How will your product/solution solve their problem statements?

  • Who are the decision makers? Speak their language and appeal to what they need with key words.

Effectiveness of the video sales letter technique

  • Examples of how effective a VSL is xxxxx

  • Use the first first 10 to 30 seconds of your VSL right, and buy yourself another five minutes of your prospect’s attention.

  • Recent studies by Hubspot reveal that 62% of people thoroughly consume video content.

  • 53% say that video is the type of content they want to see more of. This is an opportunity you have to take advantage of. People want more video content, and your competition hasn’t delivered yet.

  • Understand there is a huge gap in the market that you can take advantage of.

Key concepts to remember when writing your sales letter

  • Start off with an attention grabbing statement

  • Explain the problem your viewer is facing, and why it needs to be addressed

  • Delve into why the problem is actually more serious than they initially might think… speak about the consequences of this

  • Connect with the viewer on an emotional level, so they have the DESIRE to address and fix this problem

  • Now, introduce YOUR solution! How you will solve their problem for them.

  • Build credibility, explain to your viewer why you and your company is credible and reliable

  • Show viewers proof, testimonials and statistics or screenshots.

  • Make them an offer they cannot refuse: focus on the BENEFITS of your product/service, and go less into the specifics and features. Sell them on the CONCEPT.

  • Go for the close, use performance marketing software like Vieworks and embed your VSL with a widget to assist you in your sales conversion, lead generation and opt in data capture.

Who should film the VSL?

  • Make sure that you create the video yourself, use your voice and do not be too concerned with looking “perfect” or being a professional presenter, what needs to be heard if your vision and your distinct voice.

  • Video creation websites: Loom, Vidyard, Animoto, Biteable

  • Remember that in the VSL you are sending across to prospects, you want to share you vision and your area of expertise with them.

How can I keep my VSL’s fluid across communication channels?

  • Include your VSL in your outbound emails and messaging, whether in cold emails or re-marketing emails. Make sure that you have a call to action, and within that message itself give value, maybe even offer your prospect a “thank you”.

  • In exchange for the “thank you”, ask your prospect to reply directly or book a calendly meeting with you. Make sure you get your direct contact hours, that is very viral in leading up to your sales conversion.

How can I maximise the impact and use of my VSL?

  • Innovative tech from companies like Vieworks will help you to make the most of your VSL, they help you to say "thank you" to your prospects for their attention and time, by providing a Video Perk widget on your VSL.

  • Vieworks focuses on a video value exchange, and gives you the ability to capture opt-in data from your prospects and generate leads. 

  • Below is an example of how Vieworks overlays your VSL and focuses on your prospect's engagement with your video content, giving you the best shot at getting your sale.

Below is the Vieworks checklist to guide you.

To learn more about how Vieworks can take your VSL to the next level and boost your video marketing's effectiveness go to our website or book a discovery session with us.