Effective Selling in a Remote World

Sales reps and agents rely on building strong trust and rapport with their buyers. But in a remote working world and where face-to-face meetings are not possible, this creates limitations. And buyers are getting 'webinar fatigue' from all their reps. Using VideoPerks could be the solution to generate attention, education, and engagement.

Sales Agents prospect with face-to-face meetings to forge connections with their buyers. This enables them to build trust, handle objections, educate and brainstorm on a complex sell in ways not possible over a phone or video call. 

Our working environment and routines have been turned upside down in recent months as we are settling into the new normal. Face-to-face meetings and office-based working seem a distant memory, as we shift to new tools and technologies to continue to hit our sales numbers. 

But starting and building relationships are difficult in a post COVID world, and the offer of live webinars and virtual conferences are wearing thin on the buyers. It is hard to get all your buyers to be able to attend a certain time, buyers are too afraid to ask questions on a call with many, and for the sales rep to manage the process can often be too difficult and so it never happens. 

As a Sales Rep, it is frustrating as you know you have the right solution for your buyer and can help solve their problems, but you can not cut through. Your email copy is not being received, Linkedin messages ignored, news content not being seen and they do not have time to accept your webinar invite... Sound familiar? 

The corporate gifting market is worth a staggering $25B a year and expense accounts are required to support top-line revenues. But after COVID it is hard to generate this. 

Vieworks has launched a simple solution to drive effective buyer engagement, education, and conversions using VideoFunnels™ and Perks. 

Case Study - Media Sales

Jenny used Vieworks to reach media planners and buyers. Her sales team was finding it difficult to get a response from her sales, especially when face to face meetings and organizing events is not available. 

"Using the Vieworks solution I was able to provide my team with a way to cut through to their agency buyers and thank them for watching a 30-minute presentation about our Companies solutions. I was able to measure response and engagement rates and saw better than expected completed video view rates. It was then easier to connect to the buyer after the campaign. 


Video Starts - 63%

Video completes - 48%

Incoming messages - 10% 

Response rates from follow up emails - 35% improvement 

Importance of Building Seller Rapport

By rewarding attention, a new type of connection between the buyer and the seller. There is a common ground created and the seller will become much more receptive to the buyer. Sellers will feel obliged to thank you directly as a buyer and go out of their way to make time for you. The impact of a personal video will show the commitment the buyer has and increase the chances of conversion. The video will educate the buyer and inspire them to act. Positive brand perception is also created when the brand is offering value to the buyer for their attention. 

How does it work?

Sales reps can send targeted videos to their buyers across any platform which offers the viewer a perk for watching. 

"Watch our video and have dinner on us"

"See this video and claim a $20 Deliveroo Voucher by Singtel"

See it working here 

Step One - Creating Engaging Content

Using software such as Loom.com the sales rep can record a personal pitch presentation with a supporting presentation, or share their corporate video, video testimonials of other customers or a message from their CEO. All with the goal of demonstrating why the buyer should work with them. 

Step Two - Upload your video 

Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo as normal. You can choose to set as private if you wish. 

Step Three - Agree on Perk Budget

Deliveroo Vouchers are a very effective perk in this current environment. Select the value you want to give and the total perks you wish to give out. Also chose the number of campaigns you want to run, i.e. how many sales reps to use the video funnels. 

Step Four - Set up the campaign

With Vieworks easy to use the platform you can do this in 5 minutes, plus our team of experts are on hand to support you. 


Step Five - Arm your sales team to start sending

The Vieworks player can be sent as a URL across any platform and works on all devices. The Viewer is notified on the perk and this increases engagement by 300%. 

Features include:

  • Measure your audience's responses. Know who watched your videos and claimed.

  • Get notified directly to your sales teams inbox to follow up

  • Connect data back to your Company CRM

  • Enable instant messaging. Your buyers can Whatsapp your sales rep directly from the app to ask questions

  • Ask questions about the video so you check the buyer's attention

Benefits include:

  • Build deeper connections between buyers and sellers

  • Cut through the noise and stand out from your competition

  • Measure who watched and engage while your Company is top of mind

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