How do Video Perks translate across Verticals such as Sales Agents, Internal Communications, Agencies and Financial Services?

Vieworks enables Companies to overlay Video Perks on their existing video content for a variety of reasons, whether to build awareness, education, lead generation or conversions. With a simple to use interface, the platform offers a variety of use cases explored in this article.

The following article will underline specific sectors in which Vieworks has been gaining steady traction in: for Sales Agents, Agencies, Financial Services and Internal Communications. 

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In order to understand benefits of Vieworks, VideoFunnels™ is highly effective in helping you visualise how to reach your targeted audiences across multiple platforms.

Awareness- VideoPerks offers value to users depending on their specific use case, to increase video engagement and supercharge their video marketing.

Consideration- Powerful video messaging sells your products/ services to a target audience.

Measurement- Track in-store footfall attribution and sales to measure video marketing efficiency.

Loyalty- Build on brand affinity, and leverage the value exchange to increase rapport between the customer and boost loyalty.

For Sales Agents: Turn your video content into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation and conversions.

Key uses:

  1. Identify quality leads, and minimise wastage of resources on less suitable leads. By understanding who your product/solution benefits most, you will have an uplift in engagement, meetings and bookings.

  2. Measurable opt-in user data from within the player to further engage your viewer and ask specific questions.

  3. Speak to your audience and build sentiment with an additional touchpoint, let your clients know you care by gifting them a reward which could be a coffee, and build on positive brand affinity.

Why not do what Jenny does?

Jenny used Vieworks to reach media planners and buyers. Her sales team was finding it difficult to get a response from her sales, especially when face to face meetings and organizing events is not available.

"Using the Vieworks solution I was able to provide my team with a way to cut through to their agency buyers and thank them for watching a 30-minute presentation about our Companies solutions. I was able to measure response and engagement rates and saw better than expected completed video view rates. It was then easier to connect to the buyer after the campaign."

For Media Agencies: Customer behaviour is evolving, trends noted by Aberdeen Group state, 68% of customers want to learn about new products and services via a short video, while 70% of consumers prefer watching marketing content that offers a reward.

Key uses:

  1. Turn video ads into your best performing ad format

  2. Serve innovative scaled advertising campaigns across various ad formats

  3. Improve your media metrics using video perks with measured CTR and conversion uplift.

Internal Communication: Use the Video Perks overlay to reward and educate your teams in a remote working environment.

Key uses:

  1. Maximize Internal Communications, by drawing engagement with teams through video newsletters and webinars, have a reward to increase attention and attendance.

  2. Provide flexibility to teams working remotely for Learning and Development, give them the ability to complete modules and seminars at their convenience.

  3. Boost engagement and morale by keeping the dialogue open with your team, use interactive quizzes at the end of Internal Messaging with video or offer competition draws as a ‘thank you’ for participation.

For Financial Services: Qualified Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Key uses:

  1. Target HNW leads, bring an uplift in your engagement and weekly meetings by engaging your current/potential client with your compelling video content and messaging.

  2. Measurable results and analytics, capture opt-in data directly from the video player and understand your client’s needs better.

  3. Cut through the noise, gifting rewards helps to build meaningful connections across your network.

To learn more about how Vieworks can boost your video marketing's effectiveness go to our website or book a discovery session with us.