The Attention Gap

Discover how to innovate your marketing strategies by capturing your intended audiences waning attention span. Begin the dialogue by rewarding your customers and adding a human touch to your remote selling.

In today's digital day and age, as many of our lives are increasingly being taken online, it is difficult for us to stay focused with our attention. A recent study by Microsoft Corporation has noted that the human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds as of the year 2015.

Figure 1. The Attention Gap and correlation between volume of digital exposure over time (2020) 

Source: Vieworks 2020

The report reads that “Heavy multi-screeners find it difficult to filter out irrelevant stimuli; they're more easily distracted by multiple streams of media,”. As the influx in advertisements and noise in our modern world has led to an abundance of distractions — How can we combat this as digital marketers, and appeal to audiences cutting across all the digital noise?

By finding a way to innovate your marketing and advertising capabilities with technology, Vieworks helps their clients, SaaS marketers, agencies and brands direct, build up a strategic advantage with their technology. 

Vieworks helps marketers to bring their sales content to intended audiences by engaging them with a Video Perk overlay. Their unique selling proposition lies in their focus on the value exchange as well as encouragement of rewarding, between the user and brand.

There is strong research which suggests that gifting or rewarding positively influences a firm’s relationships with customers and their financial outcomes.

There are a few main mechanics behind the study of “How Gifts Influence Relationships With Service Customers and Financial Outcomes for Firms” (Marchand et al., 2017). Figure 2 below, explores key Relationship marketing instruments and how it affects Customer relationship perceptions. As gifting influences Customer relationship behaviour and eventually successfully contributes to a firm’s financial outcomes.

Figure 2. Theoretical model of the impact of corporate gifts on customer relationship perceptions, behaviour and financial outcomes.

Source: Marchand et al., 2017

Essentially their research concludes that gifts can powerfully influence important customer perceptions and spending. The act of gifting can indeed powerfully influence important customer perceptions and spending. They highlight that “gifts deserve relationship marketing managers’ attention and budget allocations”, and suggest that “economic related gifts (e.g., coupons) work most effectively in terms of revenues and contribution margins”.

As the act of rewarding customers profoundly creates an emotional connection between buyer and seller, increases brand sentiment and sales conversion. Vieworks innovative marketing performance solution indeed helps fulfil this need whilst maintaining the Attention Gap. Achieved via application of a widget within the user player experience, it captures audiences attention by offering a reward from the marketer which builds on brand affinity and makes the first step closer to the sales conversion.

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