User Guide Updates

We have added a great new feature to help our customers get their campaigns set up

We listened to our customer feedback and have introduced a new program for the Vieworks platform. Look out for the white button on the bottom right of the platform. You will see a welcome model and in the checklist 5 new user guides which include:

  1. Company Details - set up your company and add payment codes

  2. Brand Seat - Create your very own brand seat and generate your subdomain

  3. Create Campaign - Learn how to create campaigns fast using autofill prompts

  4.  See Stats and Data - After you have watched the video and claimed, learn how to collect and review stats and data. 

  5. For more top tips and tricks join our community and give us a review. 

You will need to complete the 5 steps in order to progress. But customers using the flow have become much more sufficient on the platform and achieve greater results from their campaigns. 

You can also see a video of the whole flow in 4 minutes here

Please let us know your feedback in our community. Is it useful?