Using Video Perks for Internal Communications

Now that remote working is our new reality, how can Corporations adapt and maximise the effectiveness of their Internal Communications?

Let’s face it, working from home is the new norm. 

Running remote teams is time-consuming and requires a lot of communication.

Teams are struggling to maintain their motivation and focus required in their day to day roles.

Video tools such as Zoom and Slack have become prominent and almost pivotal in our working day. But keeping staff motivated without face to face interaction is challenging.

With Vieworks, Companies can use Video Perks to motivate their staff to watch videos produced by the Company. These can be for:

  • On-the-Job Training

  • Important Company updates (message from CEO)

  • Compliance

  • Team building

  • Industry training

With the tool, the Company can track who has watched each video to the end. And in return, the company can reward its employees with perks such as:

  • Deliveroo vouchers

  • Starbucks vouchers

  • Costa Coffee Vouchers

  • Amazon Vouchers

Not only does this give the employee extra motivation to give their full attention, but they are also super appreciative that the Company has ‘bought them dinner’ which provides additional motivation for teams.

With Vieworks, not only do you track their attention you can introduce multiple-choice questions or capture important feedback at the end of the video.

Making Content

What working from home teaches us, is it that these days, anyone can be a video creator. There are some great simple to use tools out there. is a great example allowing you to record your screen and face to make compelling videos for you to share.

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