Vieworks Roadmap Update

Platform plans for Q4

After a successful launch earlier in 2020 and over 100 customers using Vieworks solutions to build their company, we have now listened to our users and shaped a roadmap to deliver new features and updates over the coming months. These include:

1. Fully white label version

Available to advanced users, you will be able to replace the "powered by Vieworks" on the widget and run your own link to your Company's privacy terms. 

2. JS Tag Implementation

We have had customers wanting to leverage our advertising opportunities. We will add a new publishing option to generate JS tags to run as rich media display across ad networks. 

3. CNAME Options

This will allow further customization to convert Vieworks URLs to run on your own domains via editing the DNS. 

4. Google Certification

We will also be looking to complete a Google certification to run across Google's ad networks. 

5. New Language versions 

We will roll out support for new languages as our customers demand more localization. 

6. Video Sequencing 

This will give users the ability to sequence videos though funnels, allowing users to select a series of videos to keep watching to unlock more stars. The more stars they unlock the better the perks.

Stay tuned for further announcements.