Vieworks presents: The Perk Marketplace is Live

Vieworks has launched its own Perk Marketplace, giving users a destination for perk idea options to reward their Customers.

The Perk Marketplace is now live on the app!

There are a variety of options available on the Perk Marketplace, ranging from Deliveroo food e-vouchers to call credits to charity donations like plant-a-tree foundation. Have the ability to choose what works best for your Customers and you!

The Perk Marketplace on the Vieworks app platform and has been created for our users to give them inspiration for rewarding their clients. Vieworks does not generate revenue from any perk offerings, nor is it affiliated with the perk providers.

Perk idea inspiration? (the below examples are for illustrative purposes only)

Deliveroo is a perk partner of Vieworks and is a wildly popular type of reward amongst our clients. Not only do the Deliveroo e-perks come in denominations of $5-$100, they also last 12 months from the issue date.

For rewarding users with coupon code e-vouchers from Deliveroo: “Watch this and have your dinner on us with a $10 Deliveroo credit”

Or alternatively give viewers $100 worth of Deliveroo vouchers when they complete your CTA. “Get $100 worth of Deliveroo vouchers when you sign up for X credit card”

Costa Coffee is another Vieworks Perk partner, you can reward viewers with a coffee for engaging with your video content. “Watch my sales pitch and get a $5 Costa Coffee voucher”

For charity donations, the One-Tree-Planted foundation is a good perk example: “Watch this video, we will Plant-a-tree for you”

For freeform perks and rewarding viewers with call credits: “Watch this, bank with ING and get prepaid call credits worth 200‎

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