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Learn how to maximize your marketing video engagement rates; increase your nurtured leads by at least 300%; build positive brand affinity, and help your marketing dollars become more effective. 

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Who is this for? 

For marketers looking to make their video content more effective by:

  1. Increasing completed video views and click-through rates

  2. Producing nurtured sales leads, sign-ups, downloads, and sales. 

It is hard to get targeted audiences to watch your marketing videos

Customers are getting smarter, their attention spans get shorter, more and more offers are pushed to them every day. You have invested in producing some great video content, which works hard to sell your company’s products and services. 
You have embedded this on your website and pushed across your social channels. You even bought traffic to promote it. Yet your video view count is low, engagement is low and it is nearly impossible to track conversions. Your cost per lead metrics are moving the wrong way! 90% of marketers told us they feel the level of competition and noise has increased in the past year. 

You will discover how to :

So in this 5-minute video, you will discover how to:

  1. Maximize your video engagement rates

  2. Increase nurtured leads by at least 300%

  3. Build positive brand affinity

  4. Make your marketing dollars become more efficient 

So, what can you do? 

To cut through you need to implement a strategy where your potential targeted customer is being rewarded for their engagement and feel they are getting something in return for sharing their information. A ‘thank you’ for your time and for your information. Which also builds a positive brand perception. 

And according to our research, case studies and results; we do this by applying a ‘value exchange’ strategy to your video marketing campaigns through the power of ‘video perks’. This acts as a lead magnet, or bait to get customers “on the hook”. 

We all like “free stuff”. Today’s consumer now has come to expect some sort of value exchange and actively seeks to do business with firms offering a value exchange.

Who else is using this strategy? 

Hundreds of companies are using value exchange to build positive rapport, trust, and connection to potential customers. So much so that the IAB commissioned an in-depth report showing positive results of value exchange advertising when measuring video completion, brand uplift, and purchase intent: 

  • HP saw a 34% increase in purchase intent and a 44% increase in brand awareness using value exchange video 

  • Nestle KitKat saw 4X brand awareness and 4X improvement on normal purchase intent metrics following implementing value exchange to their marketing efforts

  • A leading Telecoms business saw 3X users more likely to sign up as a customer and 12X more aware of the brand and 3X having a positive opinion after they offered perks to viewers watching their video ads. 

Izzy Hedges, EVP International Media, Vizeum, the Media Agency for 20th Century Fox says :

“Mary Meeker has given my secret away! Rewarded advertising is so critical and an important model. What can be better? A user raises their hand and says that they want to be entertained and rewarded for their participation. They have actively chosen to play a game and then we have the opportunity to come in and entice them with a relevant ad creative and experience that is tailored to both the context of the game and their interests. This model is a no-brainer”

Just think of some of the most successful new businesses of late; Grab, Tiktok, Revolut, Mastercard; all offer a reward and referral strategies to effectively grow their businesses. So this is the key concept. We have a simple 3 step strategy to grow your business. If you don’t know what a video perk is, just stick around and we will explain.

Why is video so important in online marketing today?

Customers want to be sold with video - A recent study by Hubspot identified that 68% of customers want to learn about new products and services through a short video. Not just that, the famous Kleiner Perkins Internet report states that a whopping 70% of consumers prefer watching marketing content that offers a reward. Businesses sell more using video - The Aberdeen Group back this up in a study that confirmed businesses using video grew their revenue 49% a year faster than businesses who did not use video.  And Tubular Insights also reports that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.

Sources - Hubspot, Aberdeen Group, Kleiner Perkins Internet Report, Tubular Insights

Who are we and what makes us qualified? 

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs with 30 years of experience in marketing, media, and advertising technology companies, with experience at Dentsu Aegis, Yahoo, Eurosport, Vodafone, and Outfit7. We have teams in London and Singapore. We are experts in value exchange marketing strategies.    

So with that out of the way, let’s get into how we can supercharge your video campaigns in 3 easy steps:

Step #1 - Use video perks to supercharge your video views and capture and qualify leads

Michael from Zicket was using video perks on his website, he was generating 200 video views and 50 qualified leads a month. After he used video perks on his website he generated 300 qualified leads a month (on average).  This was a 600% increase.

What did he do?

Before he started using video perks on his website, people were turning into but leads were not getting engaged enough to start the video, or would drop off early. These viewers were simply not turning into customers.  

After he implemented video perks, he was able to attract and engage the visitors enough to capture information, qualify and warm up the prospects. 

How did he do it?

Michael simply pasted his YouTube URL into the Vieworks Platform and set the parameters for his video perk, which took less than 10 minutes to set up. He then generated a new video embed code which he added to his website. 

What is a Video Perk? 

Think of it as a lead magnet. Bait to hook the audience 's attention. We all like free stuff. Now customers feel rewarded for their attention and happy to share their information. 

Design your own video perk or select gift cards or e-codes from over 500 global brands such as Starbucks or Amazon. 

Users will exchange their attention, time and information for some sort of value. With Xfinity, the bait was a competition entry to 'win an iPhone 11'. 

Some examples include money off coupons, physical vouchers, trial purchase, giveaways, competitions, prize draws, two for one coffee. You the brand are in control to set the perk. You know your audience and brand better than anyone! 

The point is this: you need to offer your website visitors something in return for their time to watch your video and them to send you their personal information. The best way to do that is by supercharging attention using video perks. 

Will people take the perk? 

Yes, people love free stuff, discounts or chances to win, no matter who they are. 

Are competitions compliant? 

Yes, but you will need to check with your compliance department for the terms and conditions required and to add any exclusions. Just ask them. Okay, let’s get to step 2. 

Step #2 - Use social and referrals to generate more traffic   

Cirian from Ecoingot used this strategy to go from 30 leads a month to 3000 high-quality leads a month and increased his traffic by 300% without changing anything other than his social strategy.  If you can follow this method, you could get similar results. 

How did he do it? 

First, he created an image of the Vieworks video format displaying his campaign. Then he generates a unique campaign URL tagged to the platform being used. Facebook in this instance. 

He posted the image file on Facebook with the copy and set the image to click to play the campaign URL. Adding the copy telling users to watch his video and receive a video perk, explain what the perk was. 

He published this across his sites. He set up landing pages on his domain with the video embedded front and center and got similar results. 

Maximize the reach

There are many ways to maximize reach and the results of your campaign. Set up to include paid, owned and earned media. Watch your view count fly and generate nurtured leads to close. 

Referrals gathered free traffic

By turning on referrals, Ciaran offered his users increased perks for them to share the video across their peer networks. Each time a new user watched the video and claimed a perk, this generated a 150% uplift in organic video views and 5X more leads generated. 

Step #3 - Connect your CRM and automate email marketing

Want to convert your users into customers? Here is how you can use email remarketing to make that close.

Once a user claims your perk, they connect via Facebook, Google email. It is also possible to set custom data fields to further qualify your leads. 

Matthew DeSousa from OneAlpha used this strategy to go from 1-2 qualified leads a month to 25 highly qualified leads a month and increase his conversion rate from 5% to 25% through email remarketing. 

How did he do it?

Matthew would produce a video sales video explaining the value of his software platform and follow steps one and two, offering a free month trial as a perk.

He connected his Vieworks account using Zapier webhooks and connected it to his email provider. 

Visitors would watch his video and claim. Vieworks sends the lead an automated email delivering the perk, a link to his site to access the free trial. The information is then automatically passed into the CRM with relevant information.

Then an automated email campaign drips emails re-engaging the user while checking they have not created their account yet. If they have they are automatically removed from the list until they do. 

It’s clever, efficient, and powerful. 

The point is this: Not everyone has the time to sign up and create an account and become a customer there and then. Attention spans are short and people become distracted. Do not lose them for good. 

This strategy is a great way to remind and re-enforce them to come back, with a tailored message designed with the knowledge you have given them a perk and they have watched your videos. 

How many new customers will you get from this?

Vieworks clients are getting thousands of new customers from this tool. Your results will be unique to you. If you have a great perk, you will see great & better results than you are seeing today. All clients who follow the process have achieved over 300% increase in all metrics.


Is it hard to set up? 

No, it’s very easy. All you need to do is copy and paste a single line of code onto your website.  

It will only take you or your website person 2 minutes, max to set up. We designed the solution to make sure everyone is successful and you don't need to be technical to use it. We provide kick-off calls and support. 


What video players does it work with?

Today, Vieworks is built to work with YouTube and Vimeo video players. You can generate embed codes, iframes and direct URLs from the platform.

Can I run this format in other advertising?

Yes, if you are buying traffic anywhere in the digital world, it is possible to embed the code into your ad server and run across any display traffic. 

Will audiences engage with my perk? 

The perk should be relevant to your target audience. The more the perceived value the better the performance. You can always experiment with different perks for different audiences.  

Who owns the data?

Vieworks act as the data handler. You the customer own the data. After the service emails, we will never message, sell or rent the data. 

Is data capture compliant? 

Yes as the user opts in to send your information to your Company and agrees to you remarketing to them. You will need to be GDPR compliant with the handling of data that we pass to you. 

What analytics do I get?

Within the Vieworks dashboard, you will see how each campaign performs and understand:

  • Video Impressions

  • Video Starts

  • Video Completes

  • Perks claimed/leads generated

  • CTR & VTR






Will this integrate into your other CRMs or software? 

Yes, of course. Vieworks easily integrates into the most common tools you are already using like Hubspot and Salesforce. We also have a REST API for any bespoke integrations. 

What does the Vieworks format look like? 



















Very user-friendly, the tool stops users from hiding or skipping the video to assure all the message is being received to earn the reward. 

The user watched the content as normal and is clearly notified within the player of the perk they can be rewarded. After 90% of the video is complete, the perk is unlocked and they click to claim. 

In claiming, they simply connect via Facebook or Google, or via email and agree to the terms. The user is emailed with information on the perk and the data is parsed to your CRM or available to download. 


How can you limit users in certain countries?

This is possible to do so within the user dashboard. You can choose which countries to include for your campaign or exclude. Users in excluded markets will not see the perk messaging but will still be able to watch the video. 

How do referrals work?

A referral program is built into the Vieworks platform and you can opt to switch it on for your campaign. Referrals will further boost organic video views and generate additional sales leads for your business. Think of it as free media that would normally cost a lot. 

What are my obligations for delivering the perks?

You are obligated to distribute the perk or reward as marketed. You will need to have, or set up some terms and conditions for your campaign which will be pasted in the dashboard and available for the user to see. 

What if I need help getting set up? 

For some customers, we offer a managed service where our expert team offer consulting, set up and monitoring for your business. 

How much does it cost to use? 

We charge $3,000 for an annual subscription to full platform access. There is a $500 set up fee. Every lead you generate also costs just $0.10.  That is incredible value for something that will add a significant impact to your sales. 

What is included?

  • Unlimited access to the Vieworks platform

  • Full 30-day money-back guarantee

  • In-depth support and set up

  • No contract (cancel anytime)

  • No cancellation charges

  • Annual subscription fee of $3,000

  • $500 set up cost

  • $0.10 per lead generated

What if you don’t have a budget for this solution?  

This is a marketing technology solution. This means that when you use it, you will get more clients - it’s a tool that will give you an ROI. Think of it as an investment, not a cost. But we are giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee so you are not risking anything.  

What are the take-home benefits of using Vieworks? 

  • Improve video engagement rates

  • Get a better return on your marketing dollars

  • Build nurtured sales leads

  • Increase conversions to grow your business

What are your other options?

You could: 

  1. Hire a development shop and spend months building your own system to capture user attention within a video player and connections to social platforms and CRM’s.

  2. You could use Vieworks Whitelabeled solution and save a hefty amount of time and money.  

What are the next steps? 

Just schedule a short training call with me or one of our team members and we will provide you with everything you need to get started. Book a time on the link below. 

No other solution out there does what Vieworks does! 

See how Vieworks will work for you. If it doesn’t for whatever reason, you get your money back. There is no risk. You literally only have the opportunity to gain hundreds of new customers to lose. Just give Vieworks one shot to prove the value to you and your business.

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