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Sales Reps achieve quality video engagement from their buyers, increased sentiment, and close more deals using Vieworks

Vieworks helps turn video content into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions
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Increase sales effectiveness when selling in a remote working world 

See how businesses use Vieworks to attract, convert and retain customers

Sales reps and agents rely on building strong trust and rapport with their buyers.


But in a remote working world and where face-to-face meetings are not possible, this creates limitations.  

Using VideoPerks solves this by using video and gifting to generate attention, education, engagement and positive sentiment between your Company and your buyers. 

Track when your buyers watch your video pitch. The perk reward will increase rapport between sales reps and buyers and increase conversions. 

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Targeted Sales Engagement for Sales Agents 


Pinpoint high target leads 

An uplift in engagement, meetings and bookings

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Measurable results, and analytics

Capture opt-in user data directly from the video player

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Cut through the clutter & build sentiment

Gifting rewards build meaningful connections across your network

VIDEO - see it working

Case Study



Video Starts :                     63%

Video completes :            48%

Incoming messages :      10% 

Response rate :                  55% gain 

Media Sales Network

Jenny used Vieworks to reach media planners and buyers. Her sales team was finding it difficult to get a response from her sales, especially when face to face meetings and organizing events is not available. 


"Using the Vieworks solution I was able to provide my team with a way to cut through to their agency buyers and thank them for watching a 30-minute presentation about our Companies solutions. I was able to measure response and engagement rates and saw better than expected completed video view rates. It was then easier to connect to the buyer after the campaign."


Step One - Creating Engaging Video Content

Using software such as the sales rep can record a personal pitch presentation with a supporting presentation, or share their corporate video, video testimonials of other customers or a message from their CEO. All with the goal of demonstrating why the buyer should work with them. 


Step Two - Upload your video 

Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo as normal. You can choose to set as private if you wish. 


Step Three - Agree on Perk Budget

Deliveroo Vouchers are a very effective perk in this current environment. Select the value you want to give and the total perks you wish to give out. Also chose the number of campaigns you want to run, i.e. how many sales reps to use the video funnels. 


Step Four - Set up the campaign

With Vieworks easy to use the platform you can do this in 5 minutes, plus our team of experts are on hand to support you. 


Step Five - Arm your sales team to start sending

The Vieworks player can be sent as a URL across any platform and works on all devices. The Viewer is notified on the perk and this increases engagement by 300%. 

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Multi-Channel Distribution to Reach Your Customers


Discover how you can use VideoFunnels™ to reach your targeted audiences across multiple platforms

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Discover how VideoPerks™ boost engagement + leads

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Discover what a VideoPerk™ is and how you can use them to increase engagement with customers

Are you Ready to grow your business? 

Turn your video into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions.

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